Welcome to Trax e-services Pvt. Ltd.
Trax e-services Pvt Ltd, a Woman initiated enterprise started in 1991 built on strong foundations of quality, dedication and commitment, today has an international footprint in Dubai and the Middle East in addition to the major cities across the length and breadth of India. Over the two decades Trax has provided unrelenting financial backend services to major multinational banks while enabling them to focus on their core architecture. Playing a key role in the financial geometry, Trax continues to grow progressively as we believe in the motto that...
"Quality is all that counts"
Our mission:
Handle the core financial process and logistics while the client focus on growth.
The Vision:
We envision leveraging state of the art, ever evolving technologies, exploring latent talents, building adding value and delivering quality results to our clients. Internally, the vision is to foster a work environment that nurtures talent, empowers people and rewards performances.
The Objective:
We study, understand and analyze the complex banking business processes of our clients. In order to realize our objective we design and deploy the right fit next generation services by constantly churning our process framework that adds value, reduces risk, increases productivity and efficiency for a sustained growth and relationship with the clients. We make sure that our human capital is nurtured through constant training and evaluation to deliver optimized cost effective services which is a key variable in a growth equation mutually.
Core Competency:
Positioning our clients' first is embedded in Trax e-Services culture, thus it is in our DNA. Our Core Competency lies in investing in our people and resources, we bring new, out-of-box ideas and innovation to help our clients' succeed in an ever changing banking business landscape. We continuously keep investing in People, Processes and Technology to bring in a sense of synchronized harmony and remain in tune with tomorrow.